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Bombshell Report Reveals Woke DA Candidate PeteHardin Abused Position of Authority at OCDA’s Office

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Spitzer calls on Hardin to drop out of DA’s race

(ORANGE COUNTY, CA) – A breaking bombshell report from the Washington Examiner has revealed woke

District Attorney candidate Pete Hardin used his position of authority at the Orange County District

Attorney’s office to prey on vulnerable witnesses, victims, and defendants. Based on this information,

Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer is calling on Hardin to drop out of the District Attorney’s

race immediately.

According to the Assistant District Attorney in charge, documents, and ex-colleagues, Hardin offered

reduced punishments and preferential treatment to females he thought were attractive. Reported

incidences of Hardin’s misconduct include following a defendant to her car to ask her on a date, lowering

recommended sentences without explanation, and sexual harassment.

Hardin resigned from the District Attorney’s office just two months after his misconduct was discovered

by supervisors. The revelations follow Hardin’s recent admission that he was also forced to resign from

the military for sexual misconduct.

“As if Pete Hardin's woke, pro-criminal agenda wasn’t bad enough, it turns out he's a predator, too,” said Todd Spitzer, Orange County District Attorney. “How can Hardin be trusted to prosecute defendants when he’s trying to date them?”

“We are not Los Angeles or San Francisco, and I will never let Hardin turn us into that. Orange County

can't have its District Attorney’s office run by someone who has no ethical standards.”

“Given these alarming revelations and Hardin’s repeated pattern of sexual misconduct, I am calling on

Pete to drop out of the race immediately. Hardin is unfit to serve in public office, especially this one, which

is responsible for prosecuting sexual predators." Spitzer concluded.


Paid for by Todd Spitzer for District Attorney 2022. ID# 1397615

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