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It’s 'law and order' vs. 'woke' and Black Lives Matter in bitter campaign for Orange County district

California Democrats may think three's a charm with their latest district attorney candidate, but after soft-on-crime prosecutors wrecked Los Angeles and San Francisco, it’s now three strikes and you're out, conservatives say.

JANUARY 04, 2022 01:11 PM

Orange County’s staunch law-and-order District Attorney Todd Spitzer has found himself embroiled in a bitter contest against Democratic challenger Peter Hardin, who is hoping to capitalize on the wave of liberal prosecutors sweeping the nation — largely funded by billionaire George Soros.

“When it comes to the career criminals and repeat offenders preying on the system, we need to hammer those people,” Spitzer told the Washington Examiner. “The difference between me and the woke Hardins, George Gascons, and that ilk is they think everyone can be reformed and no one should be in prison because of social programs. You can see from the looting and smash-and-grabs that nothing can be further from the truth.”

A county that was once the Republican Party's national crown jewel has tarnished as Democrats have made inroads into elected offices once thought untouchable a decade ago. However, prosecutors and police have traditionally taken a hard-line approach to criminality, and so far, Orange County has escaped the massive violence elsewhere in the state.

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