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Woke DA Candidate Pete Hardin Admits to Sexual and Professional Misconduct, Forced to Resign from...

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Hardin’s latest admission adds to a disturbing pattern of behavior and further demonstrates he is unfit for office

(ORANGE COUNTY, CA) – In a recent article from the Orange County Register, criminal attorney Pete Hardin admits he engaged in professional and sexual misconduct and was forced to resign from the military as a result. Hardin admits on the record that he was discharged for “unacceptable conduct.”

Hardin’s admission adds to a disturbing pattern of behavior that includes lying on his resume and committing egregious prosecutorial misconduct which resulted in him being repeatedly chastised by a federal judge.

It also corroborates additional claims made by the same military corruption whistleblowers who first exposed Hardin, including sexual and professional misconduct during Hardin’s probationary period at the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.

Just like Hardin lost his job in the military due to his own sexual and professional misconduct, he was forced to resign from the Orange County District Attorney’s Office after getting caught engaging in even worse behavior. Beyond the military corruption whistleblowers, this information has been substantiated by individuals who worked with Hardin at the time.

Attempting to hoodwink the people of Orange County, Pete Hardin carpetbags from Los Angeles to Orange County with a spotty work track record and no elected history that could reflect his record and conduct. He is a one man criminal law firm and is running for the most powerful law enforcement position in the County under the theory – “I’m a criminal attorney just trust me to be DA.”

“We will continue to shed light on Pete Hardin’s sexual and professional misconduct, incompetence, and struggle with the truth over the course of this campaign, so that we can protect our community and stop Hardin from destroying public safety and the Orange County District Attorney’s Office,” said Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer.


Paid for by Todd Spitzer for District Attorney 2022. ID# 1397615

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