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Woke DA Candidate Pete Hardin is a Liar: Trumped Up His Own Resume; Application Rejected by...

Hardin’s troubled past and lack of experience make him unfit to be a prosecutor

(ORANGE COUNTY, CA) – Criminal attorney, Pete Hardin, was caught lying on his resume to inflate his experience. It is suspected that Hardin may have been lying to bolster his chances of being appointed to the Federal Court’s Criminal Justice Act (“CJA”) Trial Attorney Panel.

Hardin was nonetheless rejected for the CJA Panel appointment, apparently due to lack of criminal trial experience. The rejection is consistent with Hardin’s pattern of failure and inability to hold down a job as an attorney for any extended period during his career.

Public records reveal Hardin lied on his resume about his experience at the Orange County District Attorney’s (“OCDA”) office and lacks competence as a prosecutor. While Hardin claims he served as prosecutor in a mere 11 jury trials (see below resume image), a public records act request for all Hardin trials shows the real total is only 9.

Of those trials, Hardin’s conviction rate was an abysmal 56%. By comparison, Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer has served as prosecutor in over 120 jury trials, has a conviction rate of over 90%, and was awarded prosecutor of the year by his peers at the OCDA’s office.

[Hardin Resume falsely claiming he served as lead counsel in 11 jury trials, when the real number is 9]

In addition, below are images from two different versions of Hardin’s resume. The pertinent claims appear in Hardin’s representation of his role as Trial Counsel while serving as a Judge Advocate for the United States Marine Corps from August 2009 through July 2011.

The first and older version of Hardin’s resume claims that Hardin acted as lead counsel in 48 criminal prosecutions and administrative disciplinary proceedings.

Hardin Resume (version 1)

The newer version of Hardin’s resume (shown below) appears to grossly inflate trial experience for the exact same position and time frame, claiming that Hardin acted as lead counsel in over 70 criminal prosecutions and administrative disciplinary proceedings.

Hardin Resume (version 2)

That is a significant and not inconsequential delta of at least 22 trials or administrative hearings that appear to have been made up out of thin air. This is another overt attempt by Hardin to dishonestly inflate experience – just like he lied about his work at the OCDA’s office.

Considering Hardin is running for District Attorney, his representation of trial experience is highly relevant to the office, and to voters. It is also further evidence that Hardin is not being honest about who he really is.

The new revelations about Hardin’s resume come after serious accusations were made by military corruption whistleblowers about Hardin’s behavior at the OCDA’s office and the circumstances under which Hardin ended his tenure with the Marines, including the claim that he resigned in lieu of a court martial.

“Hardin is falsely claiming he is one of Southern California’s ‘leading litigators’, despite lying on his resume, getting rejected by the federal courts to take conflict cases, and having an abysmal 56% conviction rate in the very limited trial experience he does have,” said Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer.

“Hardin’s lies and career failures demonstrate yet again why he is completely unfit to hold elected office, especially as it relates to experience, competence, and moral character,” Spitzer continued. “And now, he wants to swoop in as a Los Angeles County resident and takeover Orange County’s highest elected office – it’s nonsense.”


Paid for by Todd Spitzer for District Attorney 2022. ID# 1397615

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